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Sustainable Livelihood Project

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Save our Souls (SOS), believes that education should be a basic human right for every child, in light of this SOS partnered with EWN and IML to ensure their caregivers are financially sustainable through their financial inclusion project so as to be able to give the care and assistance the children require. Because IML believes that financial inclusion and financial freedom should transcend grants, we stepped in to ensure the caregivers are responsible and accountable. We organized a financial literacy program where we trained about 37 caregivers on bookkeeping, budgeting, saving and credit management and monitored the advancement of credit to the caregivers. IML will be monitoring and ensuring repayment of credit granted is recovered into a revolving fund to be replicated in other communities

  • Client: Heather Ln
  • Location: Washington
  • Type: Cleaning the Garden
  • Date: September 24, 2017
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