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Investment Accounts

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This is a purpose investment account for people who cannot raise lump sums to meet their future demand. This product allows them to contribute a small amount of money into an investment account for a longer period of time and earn an attractive interest. This account shall be delivered through the sale and use of the company Susu boxes. Clients will make small contributions into the Susu box on a daily basis and the Marketer will pick up the bulk contribution at the end of every month and deposit it into the customer’s account. The account is designed for people who intend to acquire any form of property which they cannot afford now (e.g a plot of land, furniture, household appliance, equipment, vehicle, house, etc.) in the future. It is also designed for people with a lower level of income who cannot save to have investment for themselves.


  • Minimum account opening balance of GH¢ 10.00
  • Sale of Susu box (COMPULSORY) at GH¢ 15.00 [to be deducted from first monthly deposit]
  • As low as GH¢ 1.00 or more contribution into the Susu box on a daily basis
  • Assigned marketers visit clients at the end of every month/week for cash pick up from susu box
  • The first-month contribution serves as the initial deposit into the client investment account at a minimum of GH¢ 50.00
  • Minimum operating balance GH¢ 25.00
  • Minimum balance to attract interest GH¢ 100.00
  • Interest at the average of Edwumapa rate and T/Bills [i.e. Edwumapa +T/Bill / 2] currently at 10% to be reviewed every 6 months
  • No withdrawal for 12 months [any withdrawal within the period to attract 2% of withdrawn amount]
  • Amount in multiples of GH¢ 1, 000.00 shall be moved to FD investment
  • Interest calculated on daily basis and apply every six months.
  • Account-holders are discouraged from withdrawing from the account until the purpose of the account is achieved.
  • The account holder can access loans equivalent to 80% of their investment after 6 months of operations
  • Account may be closed by giving 30 days’ notice and all the necessary deductions shall apply.


  • Valid ID card
  • 2 passport pictures
  • Utility bill/tenancy agreement
  • Resident permit (for foreign nationals)