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Inno Mobile Banking

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Inno Mobile Banking is another innovative product from Innovative Microfinance Limited. The product enables customers to do their major financial transactions using their mobile phones. It is designed to bring comfort and convenience to customers in carrying out their daily financial transactions. All the customers have to do is to dial the access code: *789*907*1# on all networks. It is easy and convenient.


  • Customers can do deposit from their mobile money wallet into their savings account
  • Customers can do withdrawals from their savings account into their mobile money wallet
  • Customers can do loan repayment from their mobile money wallet into their loan repayment account
  • Customers can check their account balance using their mobile phones

  • It is easy and convenient
  • It brings financial services closer to the doorsteps of customers
  • It enables customers to have quick access to their money.
  • It reduces the customers’ cost of carrying out financial transactions
  • It reduces the risk associated with carrying physical cash by customers