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Innovative Microfinance > Service > INNOKIDS ACCOUNTS

This is an account opened in trust for children under the age of 18 years by a parent or guardian as a trustee and the child gets full control over the account when he/ she turns 18.


This product gives your child a head-start in life

Less cumbersome account opening procedure

Minimum opening balance is GH¢10

Minimum operating balance is GH¢50

Minimum balance for interest is GH¢100

Very attractive interest rate (up to 7% annual)

Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly

Up to four (4) withdrawals per year



Safe custody of your money

Building a substantial bulk deposit for the child’s future

No processing/ application fee attached to loan facility

Have the opportunity to borrow against the amount saved for the school fees after six (6) months of saving.

Help the child to develop a saving habits.

Interest on loan will be 1% below commercial rate.



Valid ID Card of parent or guardian

1 passport picture of the child and parent or guardian

Utility bill (should not be more than 3 months)

Proof of date of birth of child

Resident permit (for foreign nationals)